Aequora - Hydrating Hand & Body Wash 250ml

Aequora - Hydrating Hand & Body Wash 250ml

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Recent review from Organic Beauty Brands

Aequora’s Natural & Organic Hydrating Hand & Body Wash, does exactly what it claims. It cleanses and hydrates the skin perfectly using pure and natural botanic ingredients. Australian Certified Toxic-Free® made without parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, SLS or mineral oils.  Instead Aequora chooses Australian native extracts episode and other botanical plant oils, to formulate probably the best hand and body wash you’ve ever tried.

Made with Australian Botanicals you can really feel the difference when you use a top-quality product and worlds apart from synthetic hand and body wash is that are often drying and irritating to the skin. It’s also free from synthetic fragrances and artificial colours so it won’t irritate the skin or nose. Aequora uses natural and organic essential oils, all products Cruelty Free Certified™ and Vegan Friendly Certified™.

The aroma is unisex. It smells clean and lathers well. The fresh citrus fruits and extracts clarify the skin and provide some antibacterial benefits. Overall this hand and body wash is perfectly suited to cleansing and hydrating! Already a winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019, now it’s recommended again!

Vitamin E I Macademia I Avocado

A hydrating and cleansing hand and body wash packed full of antioxidants and Vitamin E to help hydrate the skin.

Cleansing ingredients including our subtle blend of fresh, zesty essential oils help combat clogged pores and problem skin, whilst the regenerative Macademia oil and skin softening, vitamin packed Avocado Virgin oil leave you with a softer and smoother feeling skin. Made from natural and certified organic ingredients.