Aroma Sachet No1 Beauty Frankincense

Aroma Sachet No1 Beauty Frankincense

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In a casual everyday life, a soft scent will make you feel calm.
Raising children for morning hours, rush hour, and housework.
If you have an item that will give you peace of mind even in a busy day.
OMOU's aroma sachet started from that feeling.


[Aroma sachet No1 beauty frankincense]

Scent: frankincense & geranium
flowers: zinnia, rose petals, twigs

━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━

☑ A scent that faces you carefully
Frankincense was given along with myrrh in the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in the "Old Testament."
The noble scent gives a calm feeling to the heart.
It is not a gorgeous scent like a flower, but it is a mellow, soothing scent that you want to keep nearby.

It is recommended for those who want to cherish the time to face themselves even in busy days.

☑ Zinnia thinks of a flower The flower of
Zinnia is "I think of a distant friend."
It is widely regarded as a symbol of friendship in Europe.

☑ Enjoy aroma sachets every season, like changing clothes. The
aroma sachet scent lasts about 3 months.
OMOU's aroma sachet, which is scented only with natural essential oils, is a natural, gentle scent that gradually fades over time.
We recommend that you change your clothes one season so that you can change your clothes each season.
You can feel the scent more strongly when you decorate it in a narrow space such as a closet or drawer.

Using the
closet or drawer, such as narrow place please enjoy the smell hung in the

contents of a set: aroma sachets × 1, Instruction Manual × 1
Product Size: W11.5 × L8.5Cm
Box size: W12 × L9 × H2.5cm
of smell Duration: 3 months
Wrapping: With ribbon wrapping

・Do not place directly on clothing or furniture etc.
・Please refrain from using in hot and humid places and in direct sunlight