Flowerbarn Lesmyrtle - 5 Bag Tea

Flowerbarn Lesmyrtle - 5 Bag Tea

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Mint Blend, Hibiscus Blend, Green Tea Blend, Rosemary & Cardamom Blend
(* Please select your desired blend.)

Contents: 2.5g x 5 (tea pack type)

◻︎ Hibiscus blend / Hibiscus Blend

Raw Material: Hibiscus (from Kagoshima) ) / Lemon Myrtle (Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures) / Lemongrass (Saga Prefecture) / Lemon Balm (Yamanashi Prefecture) / Yuzu (Saga Prefecture) / Stevia (Oita Prefecture)

Hibiscus acidity and Stevia's faintness Sweetness.
It has a well-balanced blend of the transparent fragrance of lemon myrtle, which is called "lemon and lemon."

◻︎ Mint blend / Mint blend

Ingredients: Peppermint (Kanagawa) / Spearmint (Yamanashi) / Lemongrass (Yamanashi) / Lemon Balm (Kanagawa) / Orange Mint (Yamanashi) / Lemon Mint (Yamanashi) ) / Stevia (Oita prefecture)

base is a refreshing blend of citrus herbs, combining several different tastes and fragrant mint.

T Greent tea blend / Green tea blend

Ingredients: Green tea (from Kagoshima) / Lemon Myrtle (from Yamanashi and Shizuoka) / Lemongrass (from Saga)

You can enjoy the familiar Japanese tea with a slightly different taste.
By using sencha (stem part), it suppresses astringency and bitterness, and is a refreshing drinking harmony in harmony with citrus herbs.

◻︎ Rosemary & Cardamon / Rosemary and Cardamom Blend

Ingredients: Rosemary / Cardamom / Lemon Verbena / Lemongrass (from Saga) / Stevia (from Kumamoto) / Spearmint (from Yamanashi)

◻︎ Chamomile blend

Ingredients: Lemongrass / Chamomile / Lemon Balm / Ginger / Chen peel (orange peel) / Rosemary / Yuzu

Chamomile-based herbal tea with a refreshing herb blend. And rosemary as an accent. The orange peel used is ripe Unshu mandarin peel.

* All tea leaves for collaboration products Is not necessarily domestic.

Setagaya "Rosemary and Cardamom" collaboration blend.
It is a blend that is mellow and has a gentle sweetness while spices work.


teabags > The soylon material used in teabags is a natural material that is free from corn and plastic.
It is completely decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.
Herbs use only natural materials, so the used tea bag can be put into compost as it is.
Can be reused as organic fertilizer.

<How to drink deliciously>

と し て As a warm herbal tea
, boil it in 180ml and boil it for 3 minutes in a little hot water before drinking.
I am glad if you can enjoy different tastes of 2nd roast and 3rd roast.

と し て As a cold herbal tea (with water
), cool 1 tea pack (2.5 g) per 400 ml overnight and drink.
Please enjoy the extracted and watered herbal tea within 24 hours.

・ Those who are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication Please use after consulting a doctor.