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Imbue your living space with the aroma of HA KO Paper Incense. Winner of the 2019 Good Design Award, the refreshing Focus scent is designed to promote stronger concentration. Notes of vibrant lemongrass stimulate the body and mind whilst clove enhance feelings of wellness. Experience HA KO Paper Incense in two ways;

- As a Potpourri. Using an abundance of natural essential oils each washi paper leaf imbues your living space with its magnificent scent. Suited to the living room, bedroom, bathroom or desk. The scent will last up to 3 months. 
- Enjoy the paper incense just like incense sticks. Light HA KO, extinguish flame and the aroma spreads while burning. One leaf burns for up to seven minutes giving a fragrance and antibacterial effect. 

Presented in a HA KO box crafted of Japanese paper, the set contains six 'Focus' scented leaves and a non-combustible mat. Measures 9.5cm x 3.5cm. Made in Japan. 

Directions for use: After lighting your HA KO Paper Incense, extinguish the flame and place it on the felt burner mat, and onto a non-flammable surface (plate). Do not allow to burn unattended. Avoid placing in drafty areas or near any flammable materials. Prior to disposal, ensure the flame is completely extinguished. Keep out of reach of children.

[Relax] Deeper Relaxation

There is an abyss like walking in a forest surrounded by fog while trampling on humus. The vetiver relieves tension and the cypress and hiba rest the nerves and calm the mind. When you need to relax deeply, it is a scent of lush nature that makes you feel like you are part of the forest, mixed with many plants and flowers.

Fragrance component: Vetiver, cypress, hiba, bergamot etc.


[Focus] Stronger Concentration
There is a feeling of awakening that you can run down the lemongrass hill where the sun shines strongly. The refreshing sensation of peppermint stimulates the nasal passages, and the spiciness of cloves enhances the feeling.
It is a popular bright scent when you want to break through the feeling of obstruction and when you want to change your mood or when you want to devote yourself to something.

Fragrance component: Gloves, lemongrass, peppermint, geranium etc.


[Sleep] A Good Night's Sleep When
you lie down surrounded by cedarwood trees on a moonlit night, there is a calmness like a breeze from a lavender field in the distance. The patchouli gives the body a sense of stability that sinks into the ground, and the sweet honey and the bitterness of the soil drift in the tranquility. A popular scent for men that gives the image of a deep sleep.

Fragrance component: Lavender, Cedarwood, Patchouli

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