Notebook - Shogado
Notebook - Shogado

Notebook - Shogado

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Established in 1964, Shogado are renowned for their traditionally made stationery and paper products, which encompass  notebooks, gift sets and origami papers for special projects, as well as irreverent collaborations with contemporary illustrators and designers. Informed by Kyoto's rich cultural heritage, the Shogado yuzen range is distinguished by accute sensitivity to colour and the masterful use of authentic hand-printing techniques. Inks are pigment rich and fade resistant, proportions, binding and presentation are considered and precise. Uki is delighted to bring the beauty of these quintessentially regional designs to your everyday communications.

A goshuincho, meaning 'honorable stamp book'  is a concertina-style notebook, traditonally carried to temples and shrines for the collection of stamps, unique to each site. Following prayer and a small donation to the saisenbako (or money box), stamps are printed into your book by temple staff, with further text added in calligraphy to mark the visit. Shogado's beautifully covered goshuincho are a thoughtful gift for anyone planning a visit to Japan, and also suit a range of other uses including sketching, painting, wiritng and calligraphy. If you're looking for a special journal for travel mementos, photographs, and those well designed tickets collected at every garden and exhibition, this could be just the thing!

made in Kyoto, Japan

colours : kanoko shibori
materials : paper
measurements :
  • length 12cm
  • width 18cm