POLLEN boxed candle
POLLEN boxed candle

POLLEN boxed candle

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POLLEN boxed votive candle.

From the ‘PASTEL’ range comes POLLEN, a perfume capturing a fresh breeze through the trees, after rain, of flowering acacia and eucalyptus, native flora of the Australian bushland. A rain-shower fresh scent; eucalyptus is known for its astringent qualities, and when blended with the flowers of Australian wattle tree, creates a clean, crisp scent perfect for any room.

Pairs with POLLEN matchbox, available in travel tin.

boxed votive candle

vegan, cruelty free
100% cotton, lead-free wick
340g weight
85mm high
70mm diameter
100% sustainable soy wax
unique hand-crafted perfume
36hr burn